Life Path, LLC


“Wherever the journey may lead….”


“Linda was patient and understanding when I was not able to see why my life was such a mess. She helped me learn about myself and make really important changes. Her down to earth approach and great sense of humor held me steady in very rocky times!” - Nan R.

“I knew I needed something, but didn’t know what it was. Linda guided me on a path of healing that was very different than any ‘talk therapy’ I ever had. She really understood where I was coming from and gave me opportunities to learn and practice handling life stressors in a different way.” - Laurie B.

Clinical Supervision:

“Doing clinical supervision with Linda is great because she draws from over 30 years of experience in a variety of clinical psychotherapeutic and nontraditional settings. She is skilled in understanding my process and helping me to uncover how my own material shows up in my work. I like that she challenges me to think and expand, while making it clear that it’s safe to stumble. She’s the perfect mix of best practices, scholarship, and humor rolled into one.” - Julie Visnich LCSW, CACII


“Linda has extensive experience and knowledge regarding quality, compliance, and regulatory requirements in areas of mental health and substance use disorder treatment at both the outpatient and inpatient level. She is a joy to work with as she has a great attitude, is responsive to feedback, and has excellent follow through for the detail and overall picture of projects. “

Gina Lasky, PhD

“I have worked with Linda in both her administrative and clinical capacities. Her scope of knowledge in both of these areas is impressive. Linda is able to bring her experiences in both of these capacities to assist your agency or business provide the best services possible.”

Wanda Ellingson, ACSW, LCSW, Clinical Associate Professor, University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work

"Linda is able to provide teaching that reaches all learning styles in a warm and friendly way that allows students to easily remember the material. Both in teaching and supervision Linda helps people increase their skill and knowledge thus helping the health care industry by helping to create a workforce that is capable, caring and knowledgeable".

Doris Kruse, MAC, CACIII, Therapist and Trainer

" I have worked with Linda for over twenty years on community-based initiatives to help improve thriving for various populations. From domestic violence to mental health, Linda has made a substantive impact by serving on local planning committees and boards to improve our community’s systems and response to individuals in need. As a skilled trainer for our home-grown Southwest Colorado CIT program (Crisis Intervention Teams), she brings boundless energy, creativity, enthusiasm, humor and an amazing depth of knowledge to effectively engage her students."

Lauren Patterson, Program Planning & Evaluation