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“Wherever the journey may lead….”
We all experience potholes as we travel along the path of life. I have a strong belief that everyone deserves to experience the highest quality of personal and professional life they can achieve. Life Path is committed to facilitating opportunities for personal healing and wellness, as well as professional growth and training, in a caring and compassionate environment.
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Why Choose Mental Health Services

Did you know…. that mental health and substance use disorders are health issues? Your mind and body both work much better when they work together. For example, who among us does not multitask in our hectic, fast paced world? When exposed to a potentially threatening situation, your body goes on high alert in preparation to fight or run away. High levels of stress activate your body’s physiological flight or fight mechanism. While the fight or flight response was very helpful 2,000 years ago when we were about to be eaten by a saber tooth tiger, our physical system sometimes becomes used to operating in fight or flight mode on a daily basis in response to the amount of stress we consistently expose ourselves to. Physical symptoms of stress include high blood pressure, grinding of the teeth, headaches, muscle aches, shortness of breath and an upset stomach, just to name a few. And mental symptoms might include anger, anxiety, apathy, depression, difficulty concentrating, feelings of helplessness, hopelessness or worthlessness, irritability, sadness, and insomnia. Without effective management of the underlying causes of the symptoms, more serious health issues may develop. Mental health or substance abuse counseling can bring mind, body, and spirit back into balance, allowing for an improved quality of life.

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